NESCol Students’ Association


When you choose to study at North East Scotland College you will automatically become a member of the Students’ Association if you are aged sixteen or over (unless you choose to opt out).  You choose your level of involvement - some students are very heavily involved in the SA, whereas others choose not to be.  It’s entirely your choice!


Coming to College isn’t just about gaining a qualification, furthering your education and gearing up for employment; it’s also about experiencing the new, fun and exciting lifestyle that comes along with being a student!  The North East Scotland College Students’ Association is run by students, for the benefit of students, and they strive to make sure that your experience at College is the best it can be; from the social side of things to the more serious, educational side where they can represent you at all levels – from running Class Rep meetings to lobbying MPs. The Association also holds two seats on the Board of Management, one of the main links between you and the College. 


As an organisation we act as the voice of students in the wider educational environment


So for those who want to have an active say in their education and really embrace the student experience at College, the Students’ Association is a great thing to get involved in! You can do this through occasional volunteering or by standing for one of the elected Officer positions.


The Students’ Association has student-led groups and campaigns for you to join, and you’ll find that throughout the year they organise a jam-packed timetable of events and projects; from sports and cultural activities to charity fundraisers. This gives you the chance to learn new skills, gain work experience and boost your CV all whilst spending time with enthusiastic, like-minded people and forming lifelong friendships!




When it comes to advice and support, we will help you in every way we can. If you need advice or information on anything that affects your life as a student, feel free to come to us - if we can’t assist you then it’s our responsibility to find someone who can!


National Union of Students


NUS are a confederation of 600 students’ unions, representing the interests of more than seven million students across the UK. As an organisation they champion students to shape the future of education by promoting, defending and extending student rights. They are informed – developing research that influences national policy – and support and strengthen their unions through communicating practical information and taking national action. To find out more click here

NUS Extra Card 


Because North East Scotland College is part of NUS, all NESCol students are able to purchase an NUS Extra Card. This means you can take advantage of massive savings in over 200 shops, leisure activities and restaurants.


To get your NUS Extra card click here