President (Sabbatical) Elections 2019

Please be advised that this election allows you to vote for the Students’ Association President. These are one year, paid positions open only to Students at NESCOL. In this March election we only have candidates standing for the Aberdeen/Altens post ,however, all students can vote for these candidates. Please take your time to read the candidates’ manifestos before you vote. If you are not happy with any of these candidates you can choose the option R.O.N. (re-open nomination).

The polls have closed.

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Sabbatical Officers 2019

This post is for President of the Students' Association for 2019-2020

  • Image for ANGELA CALDERON (Aberdeen/Altens)

    ANGELA CALDERON (Aberdeen/Altens) Manifesto

  • Image for ISAAC JACOB MCKAY(Aberdeen/Altens)

    ISAAC JACOB MCKAY(Aberdeen/Altens) Manifesto

  • Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.) About

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