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    President Elections 2017 The Results

    A total of 238 votes were cast and the count is done through a secure election system run by MSL . Allison Lamont ,Deputy rRturning Officer  ran the vote with Laura Guyan Project Officer, Student Services  and this was further verified  by MSL . The results are :


    Initial Count For City Candidates:


    Abby Miah 78

    Sam Glennie 62

    Somah Shepherd 41


    After votes transferred

    Abby 94

    Sam 78


    Abby Miah has been elected .



    At the initial count for Fraserburgh Candidates:


    Josh Gall 70

    Paulina  Skoczynska 52

    David Rennie 16


    After votes were transferred the final count was             


    Josh 92

    Paulina 78           


    Josh Gall has been elected



    President and Depute :


    After all votes transferred


    Josh 94

    Abby 79


    Josh Gall elected to Regional and Abby Miah to Depute .


Elections will take place on the 2nd and 3rd of May.

Nominations are open from 18th to 24th May.

President and Depute Officer Elections 2017                                              


Elections Time Line 




What happens

What this means

Weeks 20th and 27th March

Information Sessions

Find out more about these roles. See Blackboard-Student Association for details of places and times   

18th- 24th April

Nomination Period

Pick up an Info pack and complete the form , collect signatures  and hand in your manifesto

26th April 12.30  and 13.15

Candidate Briefing

You will be advised on how to go about your campaign to encourage students to vote for you

26th April to 3rd May

Campaigning period

This is when you can carry out your campaign

2nd and 3rd of May

Voting Period

All voting is on line at

4th May  10.30-11.00

Results are announced

All candidates will be asked to attend to hear the results first hand








Exciting and Unique Job Opportunity



Students’ Association Presidential Election 2017


Are you looking to take a year out of studies?

Are you enthusiastic and hard working?

Are you committed to supporting students and issues affecting students?



NESCol Students’ Association is looking to recruit:



                                     Regional President

£16,512** full time, fixed term for one year from July 2017



                                   Depute President

£16,512** full time, fixed term for one year from July 2017




More information on both posts can be found in the Election Packs which will be available from the 18th April. You will initially stand for one of the *Sabbatical Officer Posts. Students can only stand for a post on the Campus at which they study. You must be prepared to work across all campuses.  

*You will take a year out either between or at the end of your studies

** Current salary



NESCol SA Officer Elections 2016 - Results


Our elections at Nescol are now closed.


Your Candidates were :

Communications Officer Aberdeen /Altens

Daniel Thompson

Louise Paterson

Ewan Birnie

Communications Officer Fraserburgh

Mario Pereira 

Environmental Officer Aberdeen/Altens 

Skylar Atkinson

Scott Graham

Equality and Diversity Officer Aberdeen/Altens

Medea Altenburg

Ceidyn Berry 

Health and Wellbeing Officer Aberdeen/Altens 

Kyle Hewitt

Health and Wellbeing Officer Fraserburgh

Susanne McCafferty



Here is the result of the vote.


Where the quota is not reached with the initial count, votes are transferred using the Single Transferable Voting system.


 Communications Aberdeen

Initial Count:

Louise 29

Ewan 18

Daniel 16


Votes required 31.50    

Count after Transfer:

Louise 37

Ewan 23

Louise elected



Communications Fraserburgh

Initial Count:

Mario 40


Votes required 24

Mario elected


Environmental Aberdeen

Initial Count:

Skylar 26

Scott 26

Ron 2

Votes required 27     


Count after Transfer:

Skylar 26  

Scott 28   

Scott elected



Equality and Diversity Aberdeen

Initial Count:

Medea 33  

Ceidyn 28  

RON 1  

Votes required 31   

Medea elected

Health and Well Being Aberdeen

Initial Count:

Kyle 42   

RON 3   

Votes required 22.5    

Kyle elected


Health and Well Being Fraserburgh

Initial Count:

Susanne 45  

RON 2   

Votes required 23.5    

Susanne elected



Thanks to all who participated. Congratulations to those who were elected and to those who were not successful we would be delighted if you still want to play a part in the Association and appreciate your interest and enthusiasm.


Executive Officers Election 2016/17

The next round of elections are for positions on Aberdeen/Altens Campus and Fraserburgh Campus for the following voluntary Executive Officers who will assist the Sabbaticals and represent the Association  in their area of interest and responsibility and also attend Campus and Regional Executive meetings.

Posts for Election will be:

  • Communications Officer

  • Health and Well Being Officer

  • Activities and Events Officer

  • Equalities and Diversity Officer

  • Environmental Officer

  • Altens Officer


The time line is as follows:

  • Nominations Open 14th October

  • Nominations Close 25th October

  • Candidate Briefing on 26th October

  • Campaigning commences after briefings

  • Voting starts at 9am on the 1st November until 2pm on 3rd November.


All voting will be online  at .

Those elected will be announced as soon as the votes have been counted.

More information

From the 14th of October Nomination Packs will be available  from receptions on City Campus, Altens and Fraserburgh and at Student Services desks. They can also be requested from Allison at . Please be sure to read the pack thoroughly before applying, if you have any questions contact a member of the Association . The packs should be returned to Student Services desk for the attention of Allison Lamont, Student Association Manager.


These posts  offer a great opportunity for you to represent the Student body in areas that you are passionate about and to help and direct the work and focus of the Student Associaiton. In addition, they are a great opportunity for you to develop your own skills, confidence and communication and to strengthen your CV .


Sabbatical Elections Result 2016


The NESCol Students’ Association Presidents are responsible for all aspects of running a robust Student Association in terms of Education; Events; Welfare; Democracy and Equality & Diversity on their designated Campus and also collaboratively on a Regional basis.

The results of the 2016 election are as follows;

The total number of votes cast is 413 with 19 Abstentions.


Votes Polled

Karena Wetherall 105

Shane Hepburn 100

Josh Gall 69

Kieran Ellington 68

Jolanta Beniusyte 49



Using the Single Transferable Voting System

Aberdeen Campus

Karena Wetherall 165

Kieran Ellington 160


The Aberdeen City and Altens Campus Sabbatical Officer is Karena Wetherall.


Fraserburgh Campus

Shane Hepburn 134

Josh Gall 110

Jolanta Beniusyte 88


Upon transferring the votes for Jolanta and RON the result is as follows;

Shane Hepburn 165

Josh Gall 157

The Fraserburgh Campus Sabbatical Officer is Shane Hepburn.


Regional and Depute Positions

Karena Wetherall 179

Shane Hepburn 157

Therefore Karena is elected as Regional President and Shane as Depute President of the NESCol Student Association.



Student Elections 2016/1017 Sabbatical Positions:


Shane Hepburn will not be taking up the position of Depute Regional President due to commence on the 1st July 2016. Shane’s votes have been transferred between the remaining candidates and the votes read:

Josh Gall  164

Jolanta Beniusyte 133

RON 14 


The position has been offered to Josh Gall as the candidate elected by the student body through the democratic process and Josh has accepted this position.

We wish Shane all the best in his return to study.