The Students Association has two full time, paid Sabbatical Officer roles. These Officers are elected anytime between March and May. In addition it is vital to the running of an effective Students' Association that we have support and involvement from the wider student body. There are a number of Officer roles that students can stand for where you can become involved in areas that are of specific interest to you. These elections are held during the first block of the academic year. Officers help with the organisation and running of events, campaigns and feed into decisions, working alongside the Sabbatical Officers in the Students’ Association. 

Executive Committee

As an elected Officer, you could opt to join our Executive Committee. There are various roles available within the Committee, which is tasked with making all major Students’ Association decisions. This is a great way to get involved and have a real say in your education and experiences as a student at North East Scotland College.

Your Officers



Aberdeen City


Communication Officer



Environmental Officer

 Jean Gray


Equality and Diversity Officer

Margaret Scobbie


Health and Welbeing Officer


 Susanne McCafferty

Events and Activities Officer

Byron Burnett





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