Class Representatives and Faculty Representatives

Every class in the College has a Class Rep or two. They are normally elected within the first few week of a class starting. Class Reps represent students by talking to their peers about all aspects of life on their course. They then attend meetings with key staff members and Students' Association members and provide them with feedback that has been gathered from their peers. Topics covered might include things like:

  • Ideas from the class on how to improve life in the classroom
  • Comments on a particularly interesting (or uninteresting) module
  • Potential improvements to course content
  • Problems in course content or course delivery
  • Learners Experience
  • ...and much, much more!


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The role of the Class Rep

The main role of class rep is to gather views from their peers/class mates regarding all the different and various aspects of their course and to communicate those to members of staff from their course. This can be positive feedback on any aspects of the course that works well as well as any concerns about issues which are negatively affecting the students and the whole students’ experience.

Student reps will also be invited to comment on, provide input to and to proposed changes to procedures or structures in reaction to the students’ voice, external examiners report and teaching programme reviews.

Students’ reps would also report back to their class the main points of all discussion that have taken place between the staff, the Students’ Association and of course other students. However the main aim is to improve the students’ whole learning experience.

Why become a Class Rep?

  • ?You will meet like-minded students and work alongside other motivated and enthusiastic people;
  • ?Gain skills such as Leadership, advocacy and even negotiation skills;
  • ?Universities and Employers look very highly upon the skills and experiences gained from being a class rep; and
  • ?Certificates are awarded.

Benefits of a Class Rep?

  • ?Gives opportunities to exercise leadership skills;
  • ?Be involved in making changes;
  • ?Gives opportunity to voice and be heard the opinions, concerns and any other relevant ideas from your class;
  • ?To receive first-hand information from both the course staff and the Students’ Association on any activities and services upcoming; and
  • ?Many other benefits.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Class Rep?

  • ?Representation – This is one of the most important part of being a class rep;
  • ?Spokesperson – You are the voice of your class;
  • ?Informer, Communicator and Liaison – This is your role between your class, the Students’ Association, the lecturers and course staff; These are just the main ones.


How do I ...............


Become a Class Rep?

It is pretty easy to become a class rep. First you put your name forward to your guidance tutor or tutor if you are a Part Time or Evening Class student. Being democratic the lecturer should hold a small election where the class gets to vote who is their reprehensive for the whole class. This election can be done either by an open vote (show of hands) or a closed vote (ballot paper).

There should be 2 class reps for each class and the class reps should be announced within the class. Class rep and class tutor should make the Students’ Association aware who they are, that way any events like basic training and meeting can be given to the class rep.

Be a Class Rep?

Class Reps are there to help gather students’ feedback and give a more informed voice of how:

  • The course is going
  • ?Teaching methods
  • ?Any other information

Class Reps go to a student and staff liaison committee meeting which is a platform for the students to discuss how everything is going and to flag any issues that are particularly affect the student experience, this could be both positive and/or negative. This also gives a chance to reflect and give input into how modules work together overall to produce the course and how effective it is as a topic, modules and the course itself that the students would like to know or learn more about.

Know the limit of being a Class Rep?

Class Reps are only there for Academic reasons but there could be times where class reps encounter other issues that will be/could be well outwith your representation skills, therefore class reps are encourage to signpost those class mates and/or issues onto someone else like a Students’ Association officers or a staff member within the course that you feel comfortable talking to.

What Next? ......

Focus on doing a great job as a class rep and make an effort to say hello to everyone. The lecturer should not have a problem with the class rep addressing the class but please ask before addressing the class within the classroom.

Set Goals....

We would like to encourage class reps to set goals for themselves, for example: I would like to .........

  • Meet 10 new people on your course
  • Solve a problem for fellow class mates
  • improve one thing about the course
  • Building a trusting relationship with member of staff

Good Luck and we can’t wait to be working with you. 


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